Field excursions


Route 1: Chongming Island and national wetland park in the Changjiang Delta (one day).


Route 2: Columnar Joint and Coastal Geology in Hua’ao Island, Zhejiang Province (two days).

Route 3: Weizhou volcanic island, coastal geology and Roman Catholic Cathedral in Beihai, Guangxi Province (three days).

Route 4: Birth of the upper Yangtze-Tibet uplift plus Asian monsoon revealed by Cenozoic sediments—Yunnan Province (five days).


During the meeting period, we offer one-day free trip to the Hangzhou Bay and Lingang Campus.

Hangzhou/Wuzhen (two days), Suzhou (one day), and some small ancient towns nearby Shanghai (one day). The prices of field excursions depend on the route you select and will be posted soon.

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