Updated: 2018-08-17 

The deadline for hotel reservation is postponed to September 15

According to recent feedback we received, the conference service group has decided to extend the deadline for hotel reservation to Sept 15, 2018, aiming to offer better service to all the participants.
Participants who have already paid the registration fee can book your accommodation on the conference website directly. However, if you couldn’t pay the registration fee online and have to pay on site, you could also make room reservation on condition that 1) you send your information and application for room reservation to to , a , and 2) you guarantee your attendance to the conference. After that, we will give you the access of accommodation booking, then you can log in and book accommodation by yourself.
By the way, there are only a few rooms of official hotels left, so please make your room reservation as soon as possible. All successful reservations that are made on our website before the deadline will be guaranteed. You can check in at the front desk in your hotel by providing your name which you use to make your reservation on the website. And, please pay all the related accommodation fees to your hotel directly.
Thanks and look forward to your visit.
9th International Conference on Asian Marine Geology
August 17, 2018




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